Eastern Parkway Apartment

For this three-bedroom apartment steps away from Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, SJA created an airy, light-filled home from what had been a dimly lit and subdivided apartment. Strategic design changes rendered the space more coherent, more abundantly daylit, and increased its capacity for discreet storage. We expanded the kitchen, transforming a small galley kitchen into an open area linked to the dining room with the new waterfall marble countertop. We increased storage throughout the apartment by reconfiguring existing closets, and by creating several new storage walls--one, tucked behind custom sliding doors, and the other, hidden amidst a grid of panels. Boldly colored walls enliven the apartment and reflect the client’s appreciation for color, while wood floors, once a patchwork of different colors and materials, are made consistent, reinforcing a sense of cohesiveness to the space.

Images by Ty Cole Photography