underground brownstone recreation

This design transformed the unfinished cellar of a Park Slope townhouse into a new entertainment space and storage area. New floor-to-ceiling cabinets accomplish multiple aims: some panels cover storage closets while others conceal and provide access to utilities. Walnut panels add warmth to the space and cover an entertainment center. Additional storage is discreetly positioned under the staircase and along walls, hidden behind  white lacquer panels that brighten the subterranean space.

A new wet-bar and bathroom make it a more functional living space, taking advantage of an existing radiant underutilized heating system that renders it comfortable year round. A section of rubble wall was painted in pale blue, highlighting the original Brooklyn townhouse construction. Given the difficulty of bringing construction materials underground down the narrow cellar stairway, we created an entire design strategy using relatively small component parts.

Images by Ty Cole Photography